certifiable estimation

Multi-Irreducible Spectral Synchronization for Robust Rotation Averaging

A simple, flexible, and computationally-efficient approach to robust synchronization over groups.

Certifiably Correct Range-Aided SLAM

We develop the first convex relaxation for the general multi-robot range-aided SLAM (RA-SLAM) problem.

Accelerating Certifiable Estimation with Preconditioned Eigensolvers

Convex (specifically semidefinite) relaxation provides a powerful approach to constructing robust machine perception systems, enabling the recovery of certifiably globally optimal solutions of challenging estimation problems in many practical …

Advances in Inference and Representation for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is the process of constructing a global model of an environment from local observations of it; this is a foundational capability for mobile robots, supporting such core functions as planning, navigation, …