OASIS: Optimal Arrangements for Sensing in SLAM
Certifiably Correct Range-Aided SLAM

Journal articles

Incremental Non-Gaussian Inference for SLAM Using Normalizing Flows
Convex Iteration for Distance-Geometric Inverse Kinematics
Distributed Certifiably Correct Pose-Graph Optimization
Advances in Inference and Representation for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Conference papers

SCORE: A Second-Order Conic Initialization for Range-Aided SLAM
Spectral Measurement Sparsification for Pose-Graph SLAM
Distributed Riemannian Optimization with Lazy Communication for Collaborative Geometric Estimation
Shonan Rotation Averaging: Global Optimality by Surfing $SO(p)^n$
A Smooth Representation of Belief over SO(3) for Deep Rotation Learning with Uncertainty
Lagrangian Duality in 3D SLAM: Verification Techniques and Optimal Solutions

Technical reports