David M. Rosen

David M. Rosen

Postdoctoral Associate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am currently a Postdoctoral Associate in the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I am broadly interested in the mathematical foundations of machine perception: optimization, geometry and topology, abstract algebra, probability and statistics, and machine learning. My research applies the tools of these disciplines to build principled, computationally efficient, and provably robust machine perception systems that “just work” in the real world.


  • Optimization
  • Geometry and topology
  • Probability and statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Robotics


  • ScD Computer Science, 2016

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • MA Mathematics, 2010

    University of Texas at Austin

  • BS Mathematics, 2008

    California Institute of Technology

Recent News

[06-Jan-2021] Our new review of recent advances in SLAM is now available online! Many thanks to Kevin Doherty, Antonio Teran, and John Leonard for all of their hard work putting this together!

[05-Jan-2021] Our new paper on distributed certifiably-correct SLAM and rotation averaging will appear in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics

[07-Dec-2020] I delivered a talk on certifiably correct SLAM at the University of Toronto’s Robotics Institute Seminar Series. Thanks to Jonathan Kelly for the invitation!

[25-Aug-2020] Our new paper presents the first distributed certifiably correct algorithms for pose-graph SLAM and rotation averaging

[16-Jul-2020] Our paper on learning to estimate rotations has received the Best Student Paper Award at Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2020!

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